About Front of House in Museums

In 2019 we surveyed 564 professionals working in the museum sector, revealing that 59% of front of house (FoH) workers currently feel undervalued. This is not sustainable.

Front of House in Museums (FoHMuseums) was founded in 2017 to advocate, celebrate and campaign for change; recognising the true importance of FoH to the museum sector. Who without would just be storage units, irrelevant to us all. FoH make museums, museums, they are the face of every single one. FoH are there before the museum opens, they are the public face, throughout the day and they are there after it closes. We are fundamental to making museums accessible, offering the most accessible ways into the sector and are the most visible representation of an organisations values and mission.

Museums are here for people, our roles are ultimately for the public’s benefit, in may respects this ensures we all have front facing elements to our roles. FoHMuseums is here for all who identify as FoH and for the rest of the sector too, we are inexplicably linked together. Many BoH roles, will have FoH elements, some more than others. At a time of such change and upheaval, unity across the sector workforce is becoming more important than ever before, divisions make us weaker. Our surveying has shown 25% of “BoH” felt undervalued, increasing to 34% for early career professionals. This is also not alright.

We were established to advocate, celebrate and campaign for FoH in the museum sector. Our aim is to be a voice but not the only voice. Be a voice, join the discussion and use #FoHMuseums to link to the wider conversation. Follow us on twitter, join our Facebook group, follow us here to and emial us at frontofhousemuseums@gmail.com

Check out our latest blog here… What’s in a Coffee? and one of our favoruite pieces We Never Need to Say Just Front of House and for those just starting out A Step to Somewhere else or a Career in FoH?

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